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Typhoon Haiyan Appeal 2013

Following the events which have unfolded fom the 8th November 2013 as a result of Typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda we decided pulling together another relief project.

Below are details so you can see what’s happening…

11th November 2013 – Following discussions with key agencies in the Philippines, we have decided to source a large amount of Children’s books, which will be extremely useful in the mid-term for children in the areas affected in the light of so much destruction caused to existing schools and infrastructure. After a few phone calls, emails and Facebook messages to gauge possible suport, we sourced all the books required courtesy of ReRead in Doncaster, arranged shipping and started the appeal for donations to pay for the shipping, and possibly more, depending on the amount raised. At the end of day one we had raised  £451.25 and after paying for shipping crates were left with a total £ 436.25

12th November 2013 – With the books sourced, crates in place and money to pay for shipping (and more) the second day was spent networking, online and otherwise, trying to pull together volunteers to help with packing.

13th November 2013 – With more donations received, the total fund stood at £ 542.11  We suggested that Tuesday 17th November at 9.30am was a good time to start packing, on location, at ReRead, and received positive responses from people willing to volunteer via Facebook. British Council in Manila have also offered to let us deliver the books to their Manila office, adding our book donations alongside their own. With the more immediate needs being water, food and medical attention, using sea freight to ship our books from the UK to the Philippines is therefore an advantage, as they will arrive in mid January 2014, when hopefully, the initial aid responses from specilast agencies supplying food, water and medical attention will have started to make a significant positive impact  We plan ship the books from Doncaster on the 25th November 2013.

14th November 2013 – Shipping now confirmed  for Monday the 25th of November. More donations received bringing new total to £612.11

15th November 2013 – Packing of books by volunteers now confirmed for Tuesday 19th November at ReRead on Hutton Business Park, Carcroft, starting 9.30am. We have a full team volunteers now in place for this.

19th November 2013 – a team of volunteers gathered at ReRead to sort through books, finding the most appropriate books to send. Together we managed to gather a half a ton and pack into shipping crates ready for collection by the shipping company the following week. Thank you to everyone who braved the cold morning to help.

25th November 2013 - the shipping crates were collected on the evening of the 25th November so have now started their journey towards the Philippines by sea freight. We donated £90 to ReRead for supplying the books, to help them, do more great work, and paid £285 for shipping leaving £237.11 in the fund.

11th January 2014 – still waiting for books to arrive in the Philippines… However, through further contact with the British Council in Manila and via a conversation with UNICEF I have arranged with a key staff member in the Philippine Department of Education that we can channel the books to the affected areas via Dep. Ed’s ’Adopt A School’ programme. This will involve delivering the books to their offices in Pasig, then them being air-freight forwarded South to the typhoon hit areas, ready for distribution to schools in the process of rebuilding. WE will have to pay for this forwarding at 22 peso per kilo, but we still have budget remaining so this is not an issue.

26th January 2014 - the books have arrived!!! They might have taken 9 weeks as opposed to 6 but hey, that’s sea freight for you, and better later than never!

28th January 2014 – we have weighed the books and sealed into 24 separate boxes for ease of transport… the total weight is a whopping 395 kg! So this has been estimatd to cost 8690 Philippine Peso (around £121) to forward via air to the typhoon hit area. There will also be a small cost of around 1500 peso to get the boxes from our place to the Dep. Ed offices in Pasig. When all this is sorted, I will post exact costs so we have an accurate running total of remaining funds.

7th February 2014 – the boxes of books were delivered to Cebu Pacific air freight distribution centre for onward forwarding to the typhoon hit areas around Cebu. The costs were, 6700 php for the forwarding, 1200 php for the delivery van and 500 php for the delivery driver and helpers, totalling 8400 PHP, or £ 116.67 GBP. The total fund remaining is now £ 120.44

9th February 2014 – the books arrived in Cebu ready for distribution by Adopt-a-School, to schools hit by the typhoon. Misison accomplished : )

Keep your eye on this page. Any money not used on shipping of this consignment, will roll into our next project…

By supporting this work, you are improving the lives of some of the poorest people in the world, in their time of absolute need. Thank you so much for being part of our team.