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HRF Project 2009 – 2010

The first HRF project launched in 2009 / 2010 bringing together donations of money and goods from the UK to provide a small aid project for people affected by the devastating typhoons in the Philippines.

With several thousands pounds donated (from individuals and companies) and raised from auctions and events, plus thousands of items of brand new clothing from GAP (UK) we provided support for 350 families in the Laguna area, travelling to the Philippines to manage the project, establish 2 water pumps, and in the process meet some amazing people…

Why did we do this? On the same day our organisation celebrated launching our new radio station Sine FM which was a sunny day on 26th September… the Philippines was hit by what turned out to be only the first in this series of typhoons which devastated not only rural areas, but also left the capital city manila paralysed…It just seemed wrong for us to be celebrating so emphatically when such bad things were happening elsewhere in the world.

View videos of the Manilla Disaster

We all know someone whose life has been turned upside down by floods…  but I probably don’t have to go too far into explaining that when you live in a developing country like the Philippines, where the government have restricted resources, where the majority of people cannot afford insurance, and where the highest proportion of the population live below the poverty line, the long term impacts of events such as this are almost unimaginable to people living in developed countries such as our own. An estimated additional 400,000 additional people were made homeless overnight in these floods, left with nothing, their homes, businesses, possessions and even more tragically, in some cases, their own family members taken away in torrents of unclean water running at 30 miles per hour and reaching 12 foot high in some places.

Unbelievably, this event actually didn’t manage to raise more than 3 minutes UK media coverage in a full week being overshadowed by the far more newsworthy usual celebrity divorces and reality TV gossip… I suppose that was a call to action for us really.

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Our staff have personal knowledge of the Philippines and have a network of people over there (and indeed over here…) who we knew could help target support, so we decided to ‘go it alone’ and try to do something to help as many people as possible, seeing things through from the UK to the Philippines.

So, we made a few calls, sent a few emails and started to pull together support from the UK organisations (media, music businesses, football clubs, venues, retailers) which we have relationships with…

The short film above tells the story of the project from beginning to end. It’s something which we filmed ourselves throughout the project, and although no Oscar is forthcoming, we tried to structure it as a step by step guide to how to do something similar, and so hopefully inspire people to have a go themselves.

Our sincere thanks go out to: GAP (UK), Doncaster St Leger Rotary Club, Rob and Gwyn at Smart Assess, BK Lilley Shipping, Electromusic Doncaster, Hi-Watt Amplifiers, Captain Antonio Nacis, Music Ground, Vintage Rockbar, Gabay Ka women’s group and all the private donators who gave up their time and money to make this happen. You all helped us make a difference…