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About Higher Rhythm International

The Higher Rhythm International Foundation is an initiative of Higher Rhythm ltd, an award winning not for profit UK creative company.

Higher Rhythm Ltd is structured as a not for profit company and was established in 2001 to offer high quality musical, media and creative services / opportunities.

Higher Rhythm Ltd’s services comprise several strategically linked strands with different geographical ranges / focuses, all designed to meet the needs of different client groups. Strands are:

    • Higher Rhythm Recording Studio - A leading Yorkshire recording studio and provider of music industry services including artist development opportunities and accredited training programmes


    • Sine FM 102.6 - A licensed FM and online radio station, also a leading provider of media industry training and volunteering opportunities


    • Music industry Yorkshire - The Music Industry Development Body for the Yorkshire region, providing support and promotion for the Yorkshire music industry


    • Circuit Records - A Yorkshire record label producing, releasing and globally distributing music by independent music artists


  • The Event Horizon - An e-ticket site offering exclusive access to Yorkshire events,working alongside promoters, venues and festivals

For ‘deeper access’ into the areas our services cover, we also offer training / development opportunities covering various subjects and disciplines within each strand. These opportunities range from taster sessions up to nationally recognised accredited qualifications and volunteering / real industry opportunities and we work in partnership locally, nationally and internationally to maximise the reach of our programmes and services.

The Higher Rhythm Foundation draws on our organisation’s wide experience in economic regeneration work, social enterprise, learning delivery, community media and working with diverse clients groups, combining this expertise to meet the challenge of supporting people in developing countries in times of hardship, but also towards greater opportunity to help communities meet their full potential.