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The Philippines Typhoon Appeal

It’s easy to ignore things when they aren’t on your doorstep. It’s even easier when they aren’t in the news…

Imagine a city the size of London being under water… but also imagine if this was the one of the most densely populated cities in the world, full of some of the poorest people on the planet…

This is not something you would need to imagine of you lived the Philippines.

From the 26th of September, the Philippines was hit by a series of devastating typhoons

In a country where many people live in poverty with poor accommodation, an estimated additional 400,000 additional people were made homeless overnight, left with nothing, their homes, businesses, possessions and even more tragically, in some cases, their own family members taken away in torrents of unclean water running at 30 miles per hour and reaching 12 foot high in some places.  manila-electricity

The Philippines also receives practically no coverage through the UK mainstream media despite this disaster being the 5th largest English speaking country in the world in the world, only 1 behind the UK which is the actually 4th largest…
No matter how much temporary aid is sent by agencies, we all know that it will never be enough… which is where we all come in.

We have all seen things such as floods in our own country and all know someone who has been affected right on our dorrsteps, so even though we cant repair the damage experienced by every single one of the people who will be affected by the Typhoons in the Philippines, we can all make a difference…

kids-floodsWe want to raise money to buy food, clean water, medicine, clothing and hygene items for people affected by the Typhoons. This is our opportunity to all help in our small way and show our generosity. Even though we are going through tough financial times ourselves, compared to losing everything in a country where the government doesn’t have the money to repair the damage and most people cannot afford insurance, we cannot imagine the devastation to peoples lives in the Philippines. Please help these people and donate, as little… or as much, as possible through the higher rhythm international foundation and make your mark on the world today.

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